Why Teen Wolf Movie Happened Instead Of Season 7

Why Teen Wolf Movie Happened Instead Of Season 7

Writer and producer Jeff Davis explains why a Teen Wolf movie is happening on Paramount+ instead of simply continuing the show with season 7.


Writer and producer Jeff Davis reveals why Teen Wolf: The Movie is happening instead of a season 7. Loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox, MTV’s supernatural series premiered in 2011, introducing audiences to the titular character Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey). Over the years, however, Teen Wolf expanded its fan base just as Scott did with his wolf pack, with each of its cast members gaining support from viewers. Its popularity was boosted by generally positive reviews from critics.

Given this, it was understandably disappointing for many when it was announced that Teen Wolf was ending after six seasons and 100 episodes in 2017. Still, its popularity endured, and Paramount+ now wants to capitalize on that by reviving the property in a couple different ways. Officially announced in September 2021 — four years since its MTV run wrapped up — Teen Wolf: The Movie is slated for a 2022 release on the streaming service. The film will pick up with Scott and several other fan favorite characters when a new threat arrives. This is a thrilling prospect, but since it’s essentially going to be a continuation of Scott’s story, there are queries about why Teen Wolf is getting a movie rather than a proper season 7.


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Teen Wolf: The Movie just held a panel at San Diego Comic-Con that was attended by Screen Rant. During the event, Davis explained why Teen Wolf‘s return had to be via a movie. As it turns out, he told Paramount+ he couldn’t do another full season of the show. They suggested a film instead, motivating him to compile ideas that ended up being a 138-page draft, which he joked was not enough for season 7. Instead, Teen Wolf: The Movie was born.

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For context, the real reason for Teen Wolf ending before hitting season 7 is still a bit murky. When it was renewed for season 6, there was no mention that it would be its last. Instead, Teen Wolf was unceremoniously canceled, with both Davis and MTV claiming that they mutually thought the show had run its course. There are reports that ultimately, its decreasing ratings were what led to its cancelation. It also coincided with MTV’s push for more unscripted content. Now, as Teen Wolf returns, it seems like Paramount+ saw that it still has stories left to tell. Aside from the upcoming film, the streaming service is also launching a new spin-off called Wolf Pack, which just recently cast Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Assuming that the real reason that MTV canceled Teen Wolf was its flailing ratings, it was a wise decision to test the waters first on its return via a single film. This way, both Paramount+ and Davis, as well as the cast, are aware of how successful its return could be. If the movie ends up being a massive hit, then they can eventually pivot on working towards full seasons, or perhaps even more spin-offs. For now, however, all of those hinge on the public’s reception of the Teen Wolf movie.

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