Broncos fans counted down the play clock to help their inept coach avoid a delay of game

Broncos fans counted down the play clock to help their inept coach avoid a delay of game

Clock management has been a problem early in the Nathaniel Hackett Era for the Denver Broncos.

Broncos fans decided to take matters into their own hands in Week 2.

Denver settled for a 64-yard field goal attempt on the final play in Week 1, after mismanaging the clock in the closing minutes. The kick was off the mark, and the Broncos fell to 0-1 as Denver lost to the Seattle Seahawks.

Mismanagement of the clock continued in Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans, even as the Broncos won, 16-9. During one particularly brutal sequence, the Broncos ran an option play — with their fullback making the decision whether to run or pitch — on third down. They then took a delay of game penalty on fourth down, forcing them to take their field goal team off the field, and to punt the ball away:

It was not Denver’s first delay of game penalty on the afternoon, as they took one earlier in the contest prior to a fourth down, where they converted a field goal.

Midway through the fourth quarter, the Broncos were out of timeouts, having spent their third, and the crowd was not going to let another delay of game penalty cost their team:

Even better are these clips, where you can hear the crowd counting down as the play clock gets to ten seconds left. Turn the volume up!

The Broncos were able to hold on against the Texans for a 16-9 win, evening their record at 1-1. But there are questions about Denver in the wake of the victory, from their offense in Wilson’s hands through decisions from Hackett.

But if this effort from the home crowd continues during the rest of the season, at least Denver might not commit any more delay of game penalties at home.

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