Jaylen Waddle waddled like a penguin for the NFL’s best new touchdown dance

Jaylen Waddle waddled like a penguin for the NFL’s best new touchdown dance

The Miami Dolphins had themselves a wild afternoon on Sunday in Week 2. After going down three touchdowns against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens early in the game, Miami somehow rallied back for a stunning 42-38 victory.

Tua Tagovailoa’s incredible performance drew headlines for the Dolphins, and rightfully so. The third-year quarterback passed for 469 yards and six touchdowns in the win, with the latter mark tying a franchise record. Tagovailoa was helped by having two absolute speed demons at wide receiver in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Both pass catchers finished with more than 150 yards receiving and two touchdowns. No wide receiver duo has ever done that in NFL history.

Yes, the Dolphins’ comeback was amazing. Yes, this was the best Tagovailoa has ever looked in his career. Hill and Waddle are the NFL’s coolest new receiver pairing. Still, there was a small moment early the game we can’t stop thinking about.

After scoring in the second quarter, Jaylen Waddle waddled like a penguin in the end zone. Watch video here:

Waddle did a waddle. This is cute, this is creative, this is the wholesome NFL content the world needs right now.

Here’s another look at the dance:

Even the most emotional Ravens fan can’t get mad at Waddle dancing like a penguin in the end zone. No rational person could possibly be upset about this. The NFL is said to stand for the No Fun League, but this is fun. It could also stand for Not For Long. Well, if an athlete isn’t likely to play professional football for long, he may as well waddle around the end zone like a penguin when his last name is Waddle.

Never stop waddling, Jaylen. We salute you.

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