The Big Ten’s horrible, horrible, no good very bad afternoon

The Big Ten’s terrible, horrible, no good very bad afternoon

NCAA Football: Southern Illinois at Northwestern
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Week 3 was not kind to the B1G

If Blood Week is defined as upsets happening throughout the world of college football, then the Big Ten had its own little Blood Week this weekend. Call it more bloodletting than Blood Week.

In the early window of Week 3 for the Big Ten, two out of five teams won, and one of those teams played UConn (congratulations to Michigan). Being outscored by a combined score of 145-97, the B1G had somewhat of an early window to forget. Let’s recap:

Northwestern lost 31-24. To Southern Illinois. At home. With Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren in attendance. Not a great look for the Wildcats, methinks. The Wildcats turned the ball over four times, and allowed the Salukis to complete 25 of their 37 passes for 296 yards. I do have an idea for Northwestern. Consider:

Just play every team in Ireland.

Purdue lost to Syracuse in truly spectacular fashion, scoring to take the lead but committing two unsportsmanlike penalties that forced them to kick from their own 10 yard line:

Naturally, Syracuse took this great field position and eventually scored the go ahead TD in the final seconds. Purdue literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

At least Indiana won in the final seconds, beating Western Kentucky 33-30 in the final moments. Maybe 9 win Indiana is back(but they might not be).

At least the Big Ten newcomers will bring prestige and power to the con-

Ah, well.

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