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UFC Fight Night 165 | Busan Edgar vs Korean Zombie Live Stream,21 December, 2019 — Today Live Free

UFC Fight Night 165 | Busan Edgar vs Korean Zombie Live Stream,21 December, 2019

Edgar vs Korean Zombie Live Stream,21 December, 2019
Edgar vs Korean Zombie Live Stream,21 December, 2019

Edgar vs Korean Zombie Live Stream,21 December, 2019

UFC Fight Night 165 | Busan Edgar vs Korean Zombie Live Stream

Extreme Fighting Championship (UFC) is under 24 hours from its UFC Fight Night 165: “Edgar versus Korean Zombie” blended hand to hand fighting (MMA) occasion on ESPN+, planned for tomorrow (Sat., Dec. 21, 2019) inside Sajik Arena in Busan, South Korea.

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Featuring the UFC Fight Night 165 battle card is the featherweight confrontation between previous UFC lightweight hero, Frankie Edgar, and long-term 145-pound title contender, Chan Sung Jung. “The Answer” steps in for the harmed Brian Ortega on his way down to the bantamweight division in mid 2020.

Taking care of the co-featuring obligations are light heavyweight control punchers Volkan Oezdemir and Aleksander Rakic. No inquiry this battle was intended to represent the moment of truth “No Time’s” spot in the 205-pound title pursue while likewise seeing whether the Austrian professional killer, undefeated inside the Octagon, is prepared for a Top 10 adversary.

Before we separate the principle and co-headliners, feel free to investigate what our inhabitant warrior, Andrew Richardson, needed to state about the remainder of the primary card by clicking here. A far reaching “Prelims” breakdown for the UFC Busan card and be found here and here. On the off chance that you need to see the contend chances and wagering lines for tomorrow evening’s battles, click here.

  • 145 lbs.: Frankie Edgar versus Chan Sung Jung
  • Frankie “The Answer” Edgar
  • Record: 23-7-1 | Age: 38 | Betting line: +150
  • Wins: 7 KO, 4 SUB, 12 DEC| Losses: 1 KO, 0 SUB, 6 DEC
  • Tallness: 5’6″ | Reach: 68″ | Stance: Orthodox
  • Striking precision: 1559 of 3904 (40%) | Takedown endeavors: 67 of 213 (32%)
  • Current Ranking: No. 4 | Last battle: Decision misfortune to Max Holloway
  • Chan Sung “Korean Zombie” Jung
  • Record: 15-5 | Age: 32 | Betting line: – 180
  • Wins: 5 KO, 8 SUB, 2 DEC | Losses: 3 KO, 0 SUB, 2 DEC
  • Tallness: 5’7″ | Reach: 72″ | Stance: Orthodox
  • Striking exactness: 396 of 997 (40%) | Takedown endeavors: 5 of 12 (42%)
  • Current Ranking: No. 6 | Last battle: Knockout win over Renato Carneiro

An exact expectation for this battle will initially require a precise evaluation of where Frankie Edgar remains in the sundown of his MMA vocation. While it’s enticing to state he was pursued from the featherweight division by the 145-pound tip top, it’s additionally somewhat deceptive, as “The Answer” just lost to three adversaries over the most recent seven years — two heroes and one title contender. There isn’t a lot of you can say about his range of abilities that hasn’t just been said before as Edgar stays one of the most balanced warriors to ever bind them up, consolidating wrestling and hitting with unmatched ease, coordinated by a five-round gas tank that is the jealousy of greater competitors. Talking about which, Edgar at long last acknowledged that he’ll generally be second best in the featherweight division and has picked to take a stab at 135 pounds. Going 0-3 in title battles has a method for doing that to a warrior and the detriments he looked at featherweight stay in tomorrow’s confrontation in Busan.

There is still some discussion among savants about where Chan Sung Jung fits into the featherweight Top 10. Contending under the name of “activity warrior” doesn’t really make him tip top, it just means he will kick the bucket inside the enclosure to either satisfy the fans or finish his adversaries, ideally both, and to date he’s for the most part conveyed. Luckily for the advancement, “The Korean Zombie” gives off an impression of being similarly as perilous now as he was before taking a multi-year break to serve in the military, a cutback aggravated by his powerlessness to remain sound. Jung has contended only multiple times over the most recent three years yet each battle has finished in feature reel style, however as we saw against the elbow of Yair Rodriguez, not generally in support of him. In any case, his record stays unquestionably sound, scoring 13 completes in 15 successes (two more than Edgar in 11 less battles).

With the end goal for this to be the sort of “Zombie” battle we’ve all come to know and love, Edgar should commit a portion of indistinguishable errors from Jung’s different exploited people. This thought of seeing the previous UFC lightweight victor remaining in the telephone stall and attempting to slug his way to a prideful completion is unfamiliar to me; Edgar is essentially excessively experienced and unreasonably taught for that kind of strategic concession. I likewise believe he’s stinging from the Brian Ortega knockout, which regardless I accept was a coincidental, so anticipate a tucked jaw and a progressively portable vault. I’m certain the South Korean fans are planning to see something fantastic, and they will, however not as a “Zombie” finish. Rather, they will see perhaps the best ability of the cutting edge period put on a similar kind of ace class that killed pretty much every other activity fascination, similar to the previously mentioned Rodriguez.

Expectation: Edgar def. Jung by consistent choice

  • 205 lbs.: Volkan Oezdemir versus Aleksander Rakic
  • Volkan “No Time” Oezdemir
  • Record: 16-4 | Age: 30 | Betting line: +150
  • Wins: 12 KO, 1 SUB, 3 DEC| Losses: 1 KO, 2 SUB, 1 DEC
  • Tallness: 6’2″ | Reach: 75″ | Stance: Orthodox
  • Striking precision: 313 of 674 (46%) | Takedown endeavors: 2 of 9 (22%)
  • Current Ranking: No. 8 | Last battle: Knockout win over Ilir Latifi
  • Aleksander Rakic
  • Record: 12-1 | Age: 32 | Betting line: – 130
  • Wins: 9 KO, 1 SUB, 2 DEC | Losses: 0 KO, 1 SUB, 0 DEC
  • Stature: 6’4″ | Reach: 78″ | Stance: Orthodox
  • Striking exactness: 183 of 346 (53%) | Takedown endeavors: 3 of 5 (60%)
  • Current Ranking: No. 10 | Last battle: Knockout win over Jimi Manuwa

It’s been baffling to pursue the vocation of Volkan Oezdemir, who traversed from the positions of Bellator MMA quite a while back. Sometime in the past he existed distinctly to pal the water for another power-punching prospect as Misha Cirkunov, who even had Anthony Johnson apprehensive, however then “No Time” turned the tables and completed the Latvian bruiser, before lining that up with his demolition of British banger, Jimi Manuwa. That prompted a rushed title shot against then-champion Daniel Cormier, who carried Oezdemir withdraw to earth effortlessly. Two all the more prominent misfortunes would pursue to Anthony Smith and Dominick Reyes, before the Swiss striker got once more into the success segment by planishing Ilir Latifi. That presently can’t seem to settle the discussion about whether he’s a contender or a faker, and the appropriate response seems to rely upon whether Oezdemir can land first. That doesn’t leave me with a warm, fluffy inclination as we head into the Busan co-headliner.

Aleksander Rakic has taken over for Oezdemir and Cirkunov in the class of amazing light heavyweight prospect, which appears to be an odd selection of words for a competitor who will before long be 28 years of age. In any case, you don’t get the sort of playing time in MMA that you do in most other standard games, so it’s not uncommon to see warriors in their late twenties as yet working out the wrinkles. What we have seen from Rakic up to this point has been frightening, as the last 12 men to restrict him have all gone to the misfortune section without preference. Subsequent to sending Devin Clark to the rear of the 205-pound line, Rakic resigned Jimi Manuwa with a deafening, first-round head kick to improve his UFC record to 4-0. 10 completes in 12 successes — 11 by method for knockout — left him as the chances on wagering most loved for tomorrow’s bangfest. I haven’t referenced the ground game since let’s be honest, neither of these two soldiers will be going for takedowns except if it’s instinctual, which can happen when a contender gets shook.

Oezdemir amazed a great deal of fans (and individual warriors) by his presentation against Reyes, in spite of the misfortune, and he dispatched “The Sledgehammer” with negligible exertion. In any case, Rakic is taller with a more extended reach and we can’t disregard what number of huge strikes Oezdemir ingests in each battle. I comprehend that a few contenders need to “get some to give a few,” that is only their style, however when you’re contending in a weight class like light heavyweight, it just takes one punch to change the direction of a battle … or on the other hand end it through and through. Oezdemir appears to be the more refined competitor coming into Busan and usually that would be sufficient. Lamentably, his permeable barrier is an obligation in each battle, including this one, and he can’t depend on his adversaries’ inadequacies to protect him. Expect to see Rakic land something clean halfway through the battle, transforming legs into elastic hoses.

Expectation: Rakic def. Oezdemir by knockout

There you have it.