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NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship 2019 Live Stream — Today Live Free

NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship 2019 Live Stream

NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship 2019 Live Stream
NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship 2019 Live Stream

NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship 2019 Live Stream


  • 2019 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Tournament
  • Dates: Thursday, December 5, 2019 and ends on Saturday, December 21, 2019
  • Location: United States


Four groups, Baylor, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Stanford, progressed to the NCAA DI ladies’ volleyball national elimination rounds on account of wins on Saturday. The elimination rounds happen Dec. 19 in Pittsburgh:

No. 1 Baylor versus No. 4 Wisconsin | 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 19 | ESPN

No. 3 Stanford versus No. 7 Minnesota | 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 19 | ESPN

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No. 1 seed Baylor, which was in the territorial last just because, brought down Washington to arrive at the national elimination rounds without precedent for program history. Wisconsin turned into the second group of the night to protect a spot in the national elimination rounds with a major scope over Nebraska. Minnesota protected a spot with a scope over Louisville to reclaim their misfortune last season in the local last, and Stanford was the last group to trade out its pass to Pittsburgh and will hope to shield its title.

No. 2 Texas was resentful about home on Friday by Louisville to be taken out of the competition.

Get up to speed with the entirety of Saturday’s quarterfinal activity underneath:

Baylor 3 versus Washington 1 — Earlier in the standard season, perhaps the greatest study was that Yossiana Pressley was its solitary weapon. Today around evening time, that wasn’t the situation, as there were dangers originating from all over the place, and this Baylor offense was so flexible thus difficult to stop. Baylor won the main set, at that point dropped the prior second overwhelming the following two to finish it off. Pressley had 24 murders on a unimaginable .512 hitting proficiency, and afterward had the assistance of Shelly Stafford, Marieke Van Der Mark, Gia Milana, and even their setter, Hannah Lockin, who had seven executes herself on seven endeavors. The Bears are progressing to the national elimination rounds without precedent for program history to expand their notable season. >> Watch features here.

Wisconsin 3 versus Nebraska 0 — The Badgers arrived at their third national elimination round in the wake of clearing Nebraska for the third time this season. In the main set, Wisconsin totally ruled the Huskers, even with no focuses from Dana Rettke. Nebraska took a 14-11 lead in the second set before Wisconsin returned and tied it up. There were nine ties in that set before Wisconsin took the 2-0 lead. Wisconsin kept control in the third also, and verified the breadth. Molly Haggerty drove all hitters with 14 slaughters. >> Watch features here.

Minnesota 3 versus Louisville 0 — Minnesota is back in the national elimination rounds this year in the wake of being disturbed in the territorial last season by Oregon. Adanna Rollins drove the Gophers to a 3-0 win over Louisville, finishing the Cardinals’ Cinderella run. The primary set was a nearby fight, with Minnesota winning 25-21. be that as it may, the following two sets were ruled by the Gophers. Rollins drove all hitters with 12 slaughters, and Stephanie Samedy was extraordinary all-around with nine murders, three assistance experts and seven burrows. >> Watch features here.

Stanford 3 versus Penn State 0 — Stanford will come back to the national elimination rounds this year and hopes to guard its national title. Penn State and Stanford coordinated up in the local last for the second year straight, and Stanford brought home the success the multiple times. In the primary set, Penn State looked encouraging with a major 19-13 lead. The Cardinal at that point started an immense rebound, and took the primary set 25-22. The second and third sets were all Stanford. Kathryn Plummer was ruling with 24 murders on .512 hitting, and Madeleine Gates had 11 executes on .733 hitting. Be that as it may, there additionally was mind boggling exhibitions from Holly Campbell, Audriana Fitzmorris and setter Jenna Gray. >> Watch features here.

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Elimination rounds AND FINAL

The elimination rounds occur Dec. 19 and will be circulated on ESPN and the national title will be publicized Dec. 21 on ESPN2. All games will be in Pittsburgh. Purchase tickets| View the section | Event plan | Full guide

The 2019 NCAA DI ladies’ volleyball competition section

NCAA Division I ladies’ volleyball competition results


UCF 3 versus Florida State 2 — UCF brought down in-state rival Florida State in five-sets to proceed onward to the second round. McKenna Melville had 20 slaughters, trailed by Kristina Fisher with 19 executes.

Rice 3 versus Oklahoma 0 — Nicole Lennon drove the path for the Owls with 16 slaughters for the Rice’s first NCAA competition win in program history.

UCSB 3 versus Texas State 1 — Lindsay Ruddins and Tallulah Froley controlled the Gauchos to a 3-1 win over Texas State. Ruddins included 13 burrows and Froley hit .394 percent.

Louisville 3 versus Samford 0 — Aiko Jones had 17 slaughters on .382 hitting productivity in Louisville’s decisive victory of Samford. They proceed onward to assume the victor of Western Kentucky and Kennesaw State.

(10) Florida 3 versus Alabama State 0—Paige Hammons and Mia Sokolowski had 10 executes each in the scope over Alabama State. The Gators pulled off the breadth without their star outside hitter, Thayer Hall.

(13) Texas A&M 3 versus St. John’s 0 — Texas A&M outhit St. Johns .500 to .029 in the third set to pull off the breadth. Hollann Hans had 15 slaughters on .400 hitting proficiency in the success.

(15) Western Kentucky 3 versus Kennesaw State 0 — Western Kentucky always lost a set by multiple focuses, however pulled off the breadth over Kennesaw State. Paige Briggs drove the path with 11 murders. Kayland Jackson had nine murders on an astounding .750 hitting proficiency.

(2) Texas 3 versus Albany 0 — The Longhorns traveled past Albany in the first cycle (25-9, 25-16, 25-15.) The Longhorns had 43 kills to Albany’s 19, and proceed onward to play UCSB in the second round. Texas showed their fair offense, Micaya White had 13 murders, Skylar Fields and Logan Eggleston had 10 executes, and Brionne Butler counted 7.

Cincinnati 3 versus VCU 1 — Cincinnati pulled off the principal win in the present record of competition matches, beating VCU 3-1. Jordan Thompson drove the path with 27 murders, and Maria Mallon pursued with 16 slaughters. Watch features from this evening’s match here.

Marquette 3 versus Dayton 0 — Allie Barber had 17 kills in Marquette’s decisive victory over Dayton.

Towson 3 versus American 2 — This matchup was the initial five-setter of the night. Towson pulled of the success over American fueled by Olivia Finckel’s 23 executes on .362 hitting.

Michigan 3 versus Northern Kentucky 0 — Paige Jones drove the path for the Wolverines with 11 executes, trailed by Cori Crocker with 9.

Missouri 3 versus UNI 0 — Missouri held UNI to negative hitting in the third set to verify the range. Tyanna Omazic drove the Tigers with 10 executes.

UCLA 3 versus Notre Dame 0 — UCLA’s Mac May had an excellent exhibition with 20 murders on .487 hitting productivity in the scope over Notre Dame. As a group, UCLA hit .421in the third set. Watch features from UCLA’s success here.

Creighton 3 versus Iowa State 0 — Another range in the books for today. This time, Creighton overwhelmed Iowa State. First year recruit Keeley Davis counted 15 executes on .448 hitting.

USC 3 versus SFA 0 — USC showed a ground-breaking offense in the breadth over Stephen F. Austin to move onto the second round. Brooke Botkin had 17 murders and Khalia Lanier set up 15 in the compass.

Utah 3 versus Illinois 2 — Dani Drews counted an incredible 27 slaughters in the five-set win over Illinois in the first round. Jacqueline Quade was solid for the Illini with 23 executes, at the end of the day missed the mark in this even matchup.

(16) Purdue 3 versus Wright State 0 — Purdue had a solid initially round excursion, with a decisive victory of Wright State. The Boilermakers hit .542 in the principal set. Caitlyn Newton drove with 13 executes.

(6) Pitt 3 versus Howard 0 — The Panthers proceed with their enchanted season. They pulled off the compass over Howard in the first round, fueled by 10 slaughters from Stephanie Williams.

(9) Kentucky 3 versus SEMO 0 — The Wildcats included another breadth today around evening time. Leah Edmond was extremely solid, with 18 slaughters on the night, and she was trailed by Alli Stumler with 12 executes.

Cal Poly 3 versus Georgia 2 — Cal Poly destroyed off the invert clear to get the success in the wake of dropping the initial two sets to the Bulldogs. Georgia really outhit Cal Poly .222 to .214, however the Mustangs won. Maia Dvoracek drove with 14 slaughters.

(11) Penn State 3 versus Princeton 0 — The Nittany Lions proceed onward to the second round in the wake of clearing Princeton. Jonni Parker had 14 murders, and Serena Gray and Kaitlyn Hord both hit over .400 percent.

(1) Baylor 3 versus Sacred Heart 0 — The No. 1 seed in the competition proceeds onward. This time, Yossiana Pressley wasn’t the main scorer. They showed a considerably more adjusted offense, and Marieke Van Der Mark drove with 13 murders on a shocking .600 hitting rate. Pressley pursued with 12 murders.

South Carolina 3 versus Colorado State 2 — South Carolina and Colorado State rotated matches until the Gamecocks protected the success in the fifth set with a score of 18-16. Mikayla Robinson drove the Gamecocks in the tight success with 16 executes.

(5) Nebraska 3 versus Ball State 0 — The Huskers pulled off the compass over Ball State, drove by Lauren Stivrins and Madi Kubik’s 11 executes each. Watch features of the match here.

(4) Wisconsin 3 versus Illinois State 0 — The Badgers joined the compass club today around evening time in the first round over Illinois State. Dana Rettke drove all hitters with 13 slaughters on .400 hitting, with some assistance from Molly Haggerty and Danielle Hart.

(7) Minnesota 3 versus Fairfield 0 — Minnesota held Fairfield negative hitting in the initial two sets, and .000 percent in the third. In the interim, the Gophers hit .478, .385 and .441 in the principal, second and third set. Adanna Rollins drove with 14 murders.

(14) BYU 3 versus New Mexico State 0 — Another seeded group will proceed onward to the second round. BYU held New Mexico State to negative hitting in the principal set in the scope. McKenna Miller drove the Cougars with 13 slaughters and Kate Grimmer had a .667 hitting rate.

San Diego 3 versus Washington State 1 — Four players had twofold digit murders for San Di

2019 DI women’s volleyball championship: History

2018 Stanford (34-1) Kevin Hambly 3-2 Nebraska Minneapolis
2017 Nebraska (32-4) John Cook 3-1 Florida Kansas City
2016 Stanford (26-7) John Dunning 3-1 Texas Columbus
2015 Nebraska (32-4) John Cook 3-0 Texas Omaha
2014 Penn State (36-3) Russ Rose 3-0 BYU Oklahoma City
2013 Penn State (34-2) Russ Rose 3-1 Wisconsin Seattle
2012 Texas (29-4) Jerritt Elliott 3-0 Oregon Louisville
2011 UCLA (29-6) Michael Sealy 3-1 Illinois San Antonio, Texas
2010 Penn State (32-5) Russ Rose 3-0 California UMKC
2009 Penn State (38-0) Russ Rose 3-2 Texas South Florida
2008 Penn State (38-0) Russ Rose 3-0 Stanford Nebraska
2007 Penn State (34-2) Russ Rose 3-2 Stanford Sacramento State
2006 Nebraska (33-1) John Cook 3-1 Stanford Nebraska
2005 Washington (32-1) Jim McLaughlin 3-0 Nebraska UTSA
2004 Stanford (30-6) John Dunning 3-0 Minnesota Long Beach State
2003 Southern California (35-0) Mick Haley 3-1 Florida Dallas
2002 Southern California (31-1) Mick Haley 3-1 Stanford New Orleans
2001 Stanford (33-2) John Dunning 3-0 Long Beach State San Diego State
2000 Nebraska (34-0) John Cook 3-2 Wisconsin VCU
1999 Penn State (36-1) Russ Rose 3-0 Stanford Hawaii
1998 Long Beach State (36-0) Brian Gimmillaro 3-2 Penn State Wisconsin
1997 Stanford (33-2) Don Shaw 3-2 Penn State Washington State
1996 Stanford (31-2) Don Shaw 3-0 Hawaii Cleveland State
1995 Nebraska (32-1) Terry Pettit 3-1 Texas Massachusetts
1994 Stanford (31-2) Don Shaw 3-1 UCLA Texas
1993 Long Beach State (32-2) Brian Gimmillaro 3-1 Penn State Wisconsin
1992 Stanford (31-2) Don Shaw 3-1 UCLA New Mexico
1991 UCLA (31-5) Andy Banachowski 3-2 Long Beach State UCLA
1990 UCLA (36-1) Andy Banachowski 3-0 Pacific Maryland
1989 Long Beach State (32-5) Brian Gimmillaro 3-0 Nebraska Hawaii
1988 Texas (34-5) Mick Haley 3-0 Hawaii Minnesota
1987 Hawaii (37-2) Dave Shoji 3-1 Stanford Indianapolis
1986 Pacific (39-3) John Dunning 3-0 Nebraska Pacific
1985 Pacific (36-3) John Dunning 3-1 Stanford Western Michigan
1984 UCLA (33-6) Andy Banachowski 3-2 Stanford UCLA
1983 Hawaii (34-2) Dave Shoji 3-0 UCLA Kentucky
1982 Hawaii (33-1) Dave Shoji 3-2 Southern California Pacific
1981 Southern California (27-10) Chuck Erbe 3-2 UCLA UCLA