WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 2019 Live Stream, results, odds, recap, grades

WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 2019 Live Stream, results, odds, recap, grades

WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 2019 Live Stream, results, odds, recap, grades

WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 2019 Live Stream, results, odds, recap, grades

WWE’s Clash of Champions pay-per-see on Sunday saw 10 titles protected more than 11 matches on the card, yet only two titles switched turns in an all over night. Fortunately for fans, a couple generally uncovers may have been sufficient to spare the night. The consequences of this card, which exuded from Charlotte, here and there set off a new beginning as WWE enters a pivotal period ahead with opponent advancement AEW propelling a similar week as SmackDown Live moves to Friday evenings on prime time TV.

Despite the fact that the night included a sprinkling of pivotal turning points, what it needed was reliably solid matches. In any case, a fierce turn for Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch may have filled in as the card’s high point until an important swerve after the headliner that sets up a fascinating future for the all inclusive title making progress toward Hell in a Cell. CBS Sports was with you the whole way Sunday refreshing this story with results, evaluations and features from the show.

2019 WWE Clash of Champions results, grades

Cruiserweight Championship – Drew Gulak (c) def. Lince Dorado (by means of pinfall) and Humberto Carrillo to hold the title (Kickoff Show): Fun bit of business to open the occasion as both Dorado and Carrillo stood apart for their airborne showy behavior in this progression up circumstance. The match was unglued and a good time for whatever length of time that it kept going with Gulak acquiring a slippery success late. The main issue was the to some degree messy completion. Carrillo handled an Aztec Press on Dorado that was definitely not spotless. What’s more, after Gulak hurled Carrillo out from behind, a rollup endeavor on Dorado saw the official need to verbally sign Gulak that Dorado’s shoulders weren’t both down before conveying the 1-2-3.

Evaluation: C+


US Championship – AJ Styles (c) def. Cedric Alexander by means of pinfall to hold the title (Kickoff Show): The booking was solid in this one as Alexander, wore in Charlotte Hornets jeans and wrestling in the place where he grew up, scored a couple of close to tumbles off the opening ringer and seemed to have Styles on the ropes. Be that as it may, in addition to the fact that Styles reversed the force, he did so determinedly. Styles hit a suplex on the ring cover and a Styles Clash on the floor however would not go for the pinfall by pulling Alexander’s head up at two. He pursued with a Phenomenal Forearm and a subsequent Styles Clash to take care of Alexander in an announcement win. Eye cysts at that point motioned for The O.C. to turn out as Alexander succumbed to a running boot from Luke Gallows and some ground-and-pound from Kyle

Anderson. Evaluation: B


Crude Tag Team Championship – Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler def. Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (c) by means of pinfall to win the titles: The completion here appeared to be about as unsurprising as any on the card coming in given that Rollins and Strowman were planned to confront each other for the all inclusive title later in the night. That doesn’t mean it needed for fervor or execution, in any case. Disarray followed late as Strowman incidentally bulldozed Roode into Rollins with Rollins hammering his head into the turnbuckle. After Ziggler pulled Strowman outside the ring, Roode hit a staggered Rollins with a Glorious DDT for the stick. Strowman indignantly left the ring alone thereafter before cutting a behind the stage promotion in which he guaranteed Rollins will “get these hands” and proceed with his losing streak later in the night.

Evaluation: B-


SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bayley (c) def. Charlotte Flair by means of pinfall to hold the title: There was no lack of power in this one from Flair popping the main residence swarm with a major boot and close to tumble off the opening chime to Bayley further investigating her heel turn. It was the last that at last chose the completion as Bayley deftly expelled the base turnbuckle spread while recouping in the corner as Flair was coincidentally diverted by the ref. Bayley then hammered Flair’s face into the uncovered turnbuckle and moved her up for the stick. To concrete her deliberate bad behavior, Bayley got her title and dashed strongly to the behind the stage zone.

Evaluation: B-


SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Revival def. The New Day (c) by means of accommodation to win the titles: Another brief yet productive bit of narrating on Sunday’s show. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson focused on and exploited Xavier Woods’ left knee damage all through the match. Subsequent to hitting Woods with Shatter Machine, the heel team would not attempt a stick and rather ripped off his knee prop before Dawson connected an altered Figure Four Leg Lock. With Dawson going on and on in his face from outside the ring, Woods in the end tapped out. A post-coordinate promotion on the stage saw The Revival, wearing their new #FTRKO gear, put over stablemate Randy Orton’s odds in his WWE title coordinate later today around

evening time. Evaluation: C+


Ladies’ Tag Team Championship – Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) def. Fire and Desire by means of pinfall to hold the titles: Cross demonstrated to be both the workhorse and the hero in this one as the heroes had the option to guard on account of Cross’ late spare. After Mandy Rose and Sonia Deville joined to hit their Total Elimination knee-strike finisher on Bliss, Cross pigeon in at last to break the pinfall. Not long after, Rose missed a running knee in the corner and Cross pursued with her swinging angler’s neck breaker while Rose’s legs were hung over the top rope for the stick. The match likewise included a run-in from every minute of every day champion R-Truth as a gathering of WWE low-card wrestlers gave pursue. Truth entered the ring and was quickly moved up by Bliss for a stick endeavor that could just get two. Truth and Carmella got away through the group and the match proceeded.

Evaluation: C


Intercontinental Championship – Shinsuke Nakamura (c) def. The Miz by means of pinfall to hold the title: A genuinely forgettable form to this title session offered approach to genuinely unsurprising narrating. Sami Zayn, who wore a neck support and cut a promotion on The Undertaker before the match, gave editorial from ringside during the match until his mouthpiece was cut (and The Miz hurled it onto the stage). From that point, Zayn’s impedance was steady. The Miz ate a knee to the back of the head following a diversion from Zayn and later observed his Skull-Crushing Finale on Nakamura hit without a stick endeavor as Zayn remained on the cover to catch the arbitrator’s eye. A furious Miz gave pursue outside and ran himself into a kick to the face from Nakamura. He caught up with his Kinsasha finisher for the 1-2-3.

Evaluation: C+


Crude Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks def. Becky Lynch (c) through preclusion; Lynch holds the title: Banks may have won the primary part of their new fight, yet Lynch is unquestionably winning the war right now after a physical fight post-coordinate that occurred everywhere throughout the field. This one was dribbling with force from the opening chime as Lynch reacted to Banks’ junk converse with a hard smack to the face. The two wrestlers had the option to get away from the other’s accommodation endeavor at different focuses, and Banks verified a late close to fall when she utilized Lynch’s body to hinder the arbitrator’s vision of a seat shot in a respect to her venerated image Eddie Guerrero. The match arrived at an end when Banks acquired the seat the ring and the official hauled it out of her hands. Lynch lifted it up and swung it at Banks yet incidentally took the official out to trigger the DQ.

Lynch beat Banks down with the seat and pursued her into the group where she constrained a unimportant tap out by utilizing the guardrail to apply the Dis-Arm-Her. The fight proceeded onto the concourse where Lynch secured Banks with mustard. They exchanged firm punches in transit down the stairs before Lynch completed Banks off with an exhaustive seat beating and connected the Dis-Arm-Her again while sitting on the seat until arbitrators hurried to the ring and broke the hold. Discussion about whetting the craving for what is to interfered with these two for the remainder of 2019.

Evaluation: B+


Ruler Booker intrudes on the Street Profits: Backstage after the match, the Profits were observing Kingston’s success and seeing the King of the Ring last Monday night on Raw when Booker T. – wearing his King Booker clothing – interfered with the label group. Angelo Dawkins inquired as to whether he would “knight” him, to which Booker bristled and advised both Dawkins and Montez Ford to fix up and, “Get your mind right!”

Erick Rowan def. Roman Reigns by means of pinfall (No Disqualification): Trending towards another anticipated Reigns triumph in spite of the chances and various close to tumbles from Rowan stacked against him, the arrival of Luke Harper unquestionably raised the lease late. Wearing comparative clothing as Rowan (which likely makes their short keep running as Bludgeon Brothers a relic of times gone by), Harper blocked a Reigns lance endeavor on the incline by rising all of a sudden to hit a boot to the face. A disk clothesline inside the ring from Harper pursued before Rowan hit an Iron Claw Slam for the stick. While it’s too soon to tell whether this implies Harper and Rowan are uniting for some sort of Wyatt Family 2.0 with their previous pioneer, the run-in protected a match that was going no place and running awfully long.

Evaluation: C+


All inclusive Championship – Seth Rollins (c) def. Braun Strowman by means of pinfall to hold the title: Any leftovers of the boos which sprinkled over Rollins’ rally to at last put Strowman away will be for some time overlooked gratitude to a convenient and required uncover. Similarly as Rollins hit the highest point of the incline to hold up his title as the communicate had all the earmarks of being going off air, the lights went out and Bray Wyatt rose as The Fiend to hit Sister Abigail from behind before applying the Mandible Claw. The Fiend exchanged shouts and giggles to the enjoyment of the group. The late run-in likely flagged the beginning of another program for Rollins entering Hell in a Cell in the wake of putting the Strowman part behind him (complete with their label group title misfortune prior in the night).

The issues that the group took with the booking to close the match had more to do with the absence of assurance appeared to completing moves as Rollins mysteriously kicked.


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